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We are updating our progress on the homestead.

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Come along with us as we have moved from the Northwest to Beautiful Tennessee. We are starting our journey with raw land that might wife never saw in person until a year after we had bought the property. We are a husband and wife team that has always dreamed of having our own property and we are, as we like to say, “chasing our dreams!” This year we are going to finish out our version of a tiny home (14*48), build a pole barn (40*64), establish a garden, work on establishing pasture grass (lots of work there), dig a well (contracted out), install septic, run power nearly 4000 ft, work on 4000 ft of driveway, clear as much deadfall off the property as we can between everything else we are doing, and have fun doing it.

We have left the big city and we are loving getting to know our neighbors and just how friendly people are here compared to the PNW. It is a night and day difference and we absolutely cannot wait to get on our land full time. Every day, is another day closer as we inch towards our goal of establishing a homestead from scratch. You’ll get to know our cast of characters, Big Hedgehog (me, Chris), little hedgehog (Laura), Astro Jetson the Black Lab, Norman Julius the Weiner dog, and all of the various Hedgehogs-medium hedgehog (son), Granny Hedgehog (mom), and last but not least; Mabel Hedgehog our green tractor who is the workhorse of the whole operation.

We have learned so much already from so many different channels on Youtube. To name a few: @justinrhodes, @joelsalatin, @rootsandrefuge, @livingtraditionshomestead, @mikepatey, and so many others that I don’t remember at the moment. But all of these folks and many others have provided so many valuable tips and tricks and allowed us to mold, shape, and form our own dream and we must now execute on that. So much more to learn as we tackle this new life for us.

Come along and enjoy our journey as we do our best to document the great, the not-so great, and the really not-so greater aspects of everything that will come our way. We are thankful and blessed and we hope you and your family are well and living intentionally. Make things happen, not by accident or omission. I like to say, do it on purpose. Please like and subscribe if you you were able to learn anything from what we are doing whether that be by mistake our on purpose. Meaning that the best lessons are the ones that are painful-what comes easy is usually never worthwhile. We will be sure to make lots of mistakes along the way but we won’t give up and we also have a great community to get knowledge from and that has supported us as well.

Chris and Laura

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