Easy Online School Lunch | Delicious and Healthy Work from Home Recipes | Quick Ideas for Quarantine

I have a goal to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of 2021, so if you enjoyed this video please click subscribe to support me and share my channel with your friends! Trying to stay healthy and productive during 2020 is a struggle, but I got you! In this video I show my weekly lunches as a study from home student in 2020! We are all pressed on time so 5 minute meals are a lifesaver these days, but healthy meals for lunch are even better!

Hi! I’m Katie, I am a second year medical student at an international medical school in Krakow, Poland. I started this channel to share tips for getting into and succeeding at an international medical school, as well as, my journey to residency back in the USA. You might even see a few videos showing off my city, living abroad and traveling around the world! As always, I am available for further questions in the COMMENTs section below, or you can find me on instagram @katieskoczen.

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