Halal Japanese Food Recipes with Inari-ku (with Mirin Substitute) | Cook Halal

Japanese Cuisine – How to get Halal versions? How do you use Halal mirin? Here we have Halal Japanese Food Recipes for you to try at home.

Chapters ⏩:
00:00 Introduction to Halal Japanese cuisine
01:05 What is Halal Miso Paste
01:16 Using Mirin without alcohol
01:58 Finding places to eat “Halal” Sushi in Japan
02:21 How to have Tempura without alcohol-based Mirin

Inari-Ku is a humble home business started by Mdm Marhamah. It is known for its delicious homemade Halal Japanese delights and its Halal versions of authentic Japanese dishes such as Oyakodon and Miso Soup. Let’s take a look at Marhamah’s story – how her love for Japanese cuisine began 14 years ago, which eventually inspired her to start Inari-ku.

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