9 Mistakes that you are doing while making Ladi Pav (Eggless Dinner Rolls)

In this video let us see the 9 Mistakes that you are doing while making Ladi Pav (Eggless Dinner Rolls) which ruins your homemade pav experience.

Soft, Light, Fluffy and Rich; these Ladi pav aka homemade dinner rolls are so addictive that you would keep coming back for more.

This Ladi Pav eggless recipe would remind you of the ladi pav recipe mumbai based one for sure.

I had previously shared this same ladi pav recipe 3 years back on the channel but due to copyright issues the audio in that video got muted so now I am updating with new audio and better video edits. I hope you like this one.

Click here to get to the written recipe with detailed instructions:

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Click here to watch the softest ladi pav recipe:


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