Living Foods USA Probiotics Soup Recipe (Part 3/3 of Lunch)

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Living Foods USA is your US source for the most advanced and fully organic probiotic FermPlus. By a trademarked fermentation process known as Flora Ferm™, 13 species of lactobacillus (acidophilus, bifidus, bulgaricus, sporogenes, etc.) predigest 22 organic whole foods to form a living matrix rich in enzymes, 20 amino acids, a full complex of human gut microflora, and all essential vitamins and minerals. Notice that each ingredient going into FermPlus is a whole food; there are no extracts, parts of plants, or synthetic chemicals dressed up as vitamins. Please journey through our Science Library, watch the video, listen to the audio, and find out more about probiotics and your health. Then enjoy the satisfaction of beginning each day with FermPlus and the extra vitality and energy you will receive.

To help you access the knowledge base in our website, here are a few salient reasons why FermPlus is unique to the market of probiotics and Super Food.

Our products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients and balanced properly for maximum absorption and efficiency. To our knowledge, we have the only product that contains specially developed and more robust strains of lactobacilli derived from 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables. Listen to the audio program to understand how this was done and why it is important for your health.

The bacteria in our food produce enzymes essential in the breakdown of mucoproteins which hinder digestion. For a more thorough understanding of this and why d-amino acids are better than l-amino acids, read Dr. Ray’s 12 Points on Flora Ferm.

If you have been suffering from fatigue, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, poor digestion, yeast infections, constipation, diarrhea, PMS, Candida, M.E. (myalgic encephalopathy), just to name a few, there is a good probability that one aspect of disharmony in your system is the lack of “friendly” bacteria or lactobacilli in your intestinal tract that give your body the building blocks of amino acids necessary to assimilate your food properly and promote living tissue repair for your body. If the intestines are not properly cleansed and elimination becomes sluggish or diarrhea ensues, this can cause toxins to back up into the lymph and blood leading to rouleauing in the blood (see this on our video), and preventing immune cells from efficiently fighting disease (the audio program and 12 Points cover this in depth). Living Foods’ products can help end this needless suffering.

We are always happy to provide more information and testimonials, where applicable. Please click on the Contact Us button if you have questions about our products or need a health practitioner in your area to help you decide if FermPlus is right for your health and well-being. This website is not intended to diagnose or prescribe, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your own health, we recommend talking to a qualified health practitioner or doctor in your area.

Our health is our Divine Inheritance. As we take greater responsibility for it, we show our appreciation for this gift. In this way let’s manifest our commitment to ending needless suffering.

We wish you God’s Blessings of
Good Health and Radiant Living,

Bruce and Marianne Curtis
Living Foods USA


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