How The World’s First Burger Was Made At Louis’ Lunch | Legendary Eats

We visited Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut and interviewed the fourth generation owner Jeff Lassen about the history of the restaurant, the story behind the birth of the hamburger, and saw how they make it. We tried the burger out and asked customers how it compares to new, modern burgers.

Instead of buns, Louis’ Lunch uses toasted sandwich bread. The burger patties are cooked to a medium-rare, no exceptions.

Every morning, Louis’ Lunch’s patties are freshly ground with a special blend of beef. As for customization, Louis’ Lunch has a strict ordering policy: Absolutely no condiments.

Lassen says they still cook in the same original stoves that Louis’ Lunch cooked in from day one.

The whole restaurant is covered in etchings because customers are encouraged to add on to the history at Louis’ Lunch.


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How The World’s First Burger Was Made At Louis’ Lunch | Legendary Eats


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